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Phone: 6268-1771
Contact Name: Mr John
Address: 26 Third Lok Yang Rd, Singapore 628015
TermiCam   Singapore

TermiCam is non-destructive, non-intrusive and environmentally friendly inspection service to locate pests in dwellings and industrial complexes. On 1st February 2002 Aardwolf Pestkare became the exclusive franchisee in Singapore for TermiCam Australia. This investment of a quarter million dollars is in thermal imaging that uses infra-red to detect the presence of termites and rodents.

In November 2004 this was extended, without additional charge, to detecting "temperature signatures" in electrical connections so that fires can be prevented in our Client's premises., Aardwolf Pestkare's Thermographers are trained in Singapore by TermiCam International before they are sent to Australia to attend a course conducted by the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT). This ensures that as Certified Thermographers servicing Clients, they comply with the demanding requirements of the Australian Standard AS4635 / ISO 20807:2004.

Our certified Thermographers will thermal image your property in search of "Thermal Anomalies ", which will be examined with Borescope and Termatrac that uses microwave technology to detect termite movements. Any termite infestation will be immediately spot-treated, using a specially formulated non-arsenic bait, Xterm from Sumitomo, Japan.

Our Crisp clear Thermograms will then be given to assist your qualified electrician in rectifying the problem and prevent fires. This add-on service is WITHOUT CHARGE when you engage our TermiCam Service. For more information on Termicam, please CLICK here.

AARDWOLF PESTKARE promises delight with each pre-paid service. Just let our service controller know within 7 days of its completion, if you are not satisfied with any part of our service. We promise to make it right.

If our re-treatment is still not satisfactory, you tell our service controller the price you consider fair for that part of our service and we will send you the appropriate refund - no questions will be asked.

We will not demean you by offering you a free service. Yes, you only pay for that part of the service that you feel is value for your money.

In addition, AARDWOLF PESTKARE   promises punctuality. If our technician turns up more than half an hour late for an appointment made with you, you also have the right to pay what you like for that day's service - again, no questions will be asked
Last Updated: Thursday 1st September, 2016