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The Dangers of Pest Infestations

The Dangers of Pest Infestations

28 June 2017

If you’ve ever seen a cockroach scuttle across your kitchen floor, or watched a mouse scurry away from your cabinet- then you may have some idea of the cringing panic that accompanies a possible infestation.  It gets exponentially worse when you start to see evidence of an infestation that can cause actual harm to your home.  This comes in the form of piles of wings around windows and light sources that indicate the presence of termites.

Imagine moving in to a home, getting settled in, and then seeing these signs.  This can be a devastating discovery for any home owner, and a good reason to seek a pest inspection prior to the final purchase.  You have no idea how much damage there is behind the walls until you’ve had it looked at by a professional.

Pest Infestations 

It’s also important to understand the kinds of infestations there are, and exactly what these unwelcome visitors can do.  Some pests can destroy your home, while others can have a negative effect on your health.  This is just another reason to seek out a pre-purchase pest inspection from a reputable company.  It’s a good idea to understand the consequences of a pest infestation before considering the purchase of a home that may already have pesky tenants.


There are several different kinds of cockroaches that can infest your home.  The more invasive kinds include the German cockroaches, the American cockroaches, and the Oriental cockroaches.  These guys are real opportunists, and will live anywhere they can get a steady stream of food and water.  They’ll eat almost anything.  This includes everything from tiny crumbs to actual toothpaste.  They don’t discriminate against calories, and they seem nearly impossible to kill.

A full cockroach infestation can contaminate your home with their foul smelling droppings, and the skin that they shed.  This can actually cause the air within the home to become toxic, and especially dangerous to those who have asthma or serious allergies.  Cockroaches also carry a myriad of diseases, and can make a home unlivable if not professionally dealt with.


These little guys are fantastic at hiding out.  By the time that you see the obvious signs of an infestation- they may have already done significant damage to your home.  They work from the inside out, and this makes them difficult to detect.  

If left to themselves, termites can eat their way through the wooden supports within your home.  This weakens the structure, and requires costly repairs.  They love to nest in hollowed out wooden beams.  Imagine trying to walk up your wooden staircase one day, and discovering your termite infestation when your foot goes through your floor.

It’s incredibly important to have your home inspected for termites with the latest technology available.  They have ways of getting deep inside the structure of your home, and only a professional will have the appropriate tools to find them.

Mice and Rats

You may see one mouse and shrug it off as no big deal- but this is often only the tip of the iceberg.  Mice and rats are drawn to food, and will make cozy little nests within the walls of your home.  Not only are their droppings and urine potentially toxic, they can also eat their way through your insulation.

Rats are much larger than mice, and can be aggressive when threatened.  There a horror stories of rats biting people, and this definitely isn’t something that you want to risk.  Rodents have a way of squeezing themselves into your pantry.  They can sometimes get into food without you noticing at first, and this makes the spread of disease more likely.  You can probably deal with a small population yourself, but it’s always best to call a professional.