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Get Termites Out Of Your Home Today

Get Termites Out Of Your Home Today

15 June 2017

So you’re in your home going about your day regularly and you happened to walk past your front door and you see dozens of ant-like insects on the floor. What are these things? They look ants with wings and are a real sight for sore eyes. Looks like you have a severe case of termites in your home, but don’t be afraid, this infestation is fixable. However, let’s start by educating ourselves on this pest of a species.

According to Pesthow.com, termites are colony pests and they come in 5 different types such as conehead termites, dampwood termites, drywood termites, formosan termites and subterranean termites. They feed of off cellulose, which what majority of our homes are made up of, so this gives the opportunity to make their way in the home. Termites are designed to tear their way through tough cellulose materials, but they’ll feed on just about any type of sturdy material in your home.

Termites Out Of Your Home Today

The most common termite is the drywood termite because they feed on wood and that is what a lot of our homes are made out of. So make sure to check any of the wood-like features inside and outside of the home, especially when it gets wet, trust me they will be lurking. Termites do not have a specific time of year that they come out to play. They can become a problem no matter what the season, that’s why it’s important to have a pest control plan that is ready to go at anytime. If you are not prepared for these pests here are couple tips on how to track and get rid of them.  

1) Termites Signs

The first and easiest termite sign to spot is the shedding of wings. If you notice an excessive amount of insect wings scatter across the floor in your home, you’ve got termites. This usually happens when the termite has died and their wings have fallen off and in your favor it is a sign that there are a number of them in your home. Some other signs to look for are Bubbled or cracked paint, Hollow sounding wood and mud tubes outside your home.

2) Freeze Them To Death

Ok so now you know you have a termite problem, so the next step is simple. Find out how to get rid of them. There are a number of things that you can do to kill termites and some of these methods don’t even require you to leave your home. One method is to lower the temperature in your home to a chilling degree. It may be a little uncomfortable to adapt to, but believe me you will be satisfied in the long run. Try lowering your temperature to 20 degree Fahrenheit, to do this properly you would need liquid nitrogen. The termites will not be able to withstand temperatures that could and will eventually die off. If you don’t want to freeze your bones off you could also seek professional termite treatment.

3) Use Sunlight

Sunlight plays a huge part in killing termites naturally. If you tend to have 0 to no sunlight coming through your home, termites are most likely going to destroy your house. Try opening up your curtains and blinds every where in the house, the brighter the home, the less termites you will see. If this method doesn’t work try finding a professional termite treatment in your area.

4) Flood Them To Their Death

Another natural way to kill termites is to drown them. This method is best for the termites that are lurking outside of your home. If you own a garden and you see tiny mud-tubes all around dig through those holes and flood the entire area with water. The termites will drown and will not have any more access to your home, now that you’ve destroyed their tunnels